Currently Hiring Detention Officers


Current starting salary is $40,050.


Albemarle District Jail Offers the following benefits to its employees.

Vacation/Sick Leave

Vacation leave is earned at the below listed rates as you progress through your career.

  • 0-2 Years - 7 hours per month
  • 2-4 Years - 8 hours per month
  • 4-6 Years - 9 hours per month
  • 6-9 Years - 10 hours per month
  • 9-12 Years - 11 hours per month
  • 12-15 Years - 13 hours per month
  • Over 15 Years -  14 hours per month

Sick leave is earned at a rate of 8 hours per month.


Albemarle District Jail employees earn 12 paid holidays per year.


Albemarle District Jail provides retirement benefits to its employees through the North Carolina Local governmental Employees Retirement system.

401k/457b Retirement Plan

Albemarle District Jail participates in a 401k/457b supplemental retirement plan for the employee’s however, Albemarle District Jail does not contribute to this plan.

Health Insurance

Albemarle District Jail pays for 70/30 health insurance for its employees provided they don’t use tobacco products. If tobacco products are used the employee pays $60.00 per month. Employees have the option to upgrade to 80/20 for $50.00 per month.

Vision Insurance

Albemarle District Jail offers vision insurance for its employees.

Life Insurance

Albemarle District Jail provides the employees with a 25,000.00-term life insurance for its employees are long as they are employed.

Minimum Standards

Below are the minimum standards to be certified under the North Carolina Sherriff’s Training Standards Commission.

  • Be 20 years of age
  • High school graduate or equivalent (Minimum)
  • U.S. Citizen (or naturalized)
  • Flexibility to work all shifts including nights
  • Undergo extensive background investigation
  • Have a good driving record & credit history
  • No criminal record
  • Must complete basic training in 1st year
  • Negative drug screen

Employment Application

Click here to download our employment application.