Inmates will be allowed to send and receive mail Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. All mail other than legal mail will be searched for contraband. Money orders and cashier’s checks will be deposited to an inmate’s account and a receipt for the deposit will be provided to them. No cash will be accepted through the mail or personal checks.

Mail To Inmates Should Be Addressed As

(The Inmates Name)
210 Executive Drive South
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Any mail received or sent to their legal counsel, attorney, court official, or other legitimate legal officials will be considered privileged mail and will not be censored or read unless there is reason to suspect it may contain contraband. In these cases, the mail will be opened in their presence, checked for contraband, and will not be read.

All mail inmates send must contain proper postage. Inmates may purchase pre-stamped envelopes and writing supplies.

If an inmate is deemed indigent, those supplies will be provided to them, however, the cost of these supplies will be deducted from their account and will be recouped when money is deposited to their account.

All incoming and outgoing mail must contain a return address. If an inmate is sending mail, they must indicate their return address as the Albemarle District Jail.

Blackmail, extortion, or bodily harm; or plans to commit a crime may be turned over to law enforcement authorities for investigation and prosecution.